About Us

Baetes® was founded out of an idea that the experience people have when they shop online could be massively improved.

With brilliant design minds, an innovative team of engineers, and consumer behaviour experts with a long experience in the retail sector,

We are pioneering a new way of shopping, we call it v-commerce.

It will change the way we shop forever.

Virtual Shopping

Baetes® is transforming e-commerce to v-commerce, a virtual shopping experience that improves the way we shop online.

Our solution is made to solve the current problems of e-commerce and the changes that today’s consumers demand. With our system you can show every detail and angle of your products, enable your customers to interact with your products in completely new ways, and make the shopping experience much more engaging.

Your customers will now truly remember your product and your brand.

Sustainability &

We’re not going to solve the environmental problem all by ourselves, but we can influence a market with over 1.8 trillion dollars in revenue.

Returns are a huge problem for e-commerce today. It doesn’t make any sense that customers return products due to lack of information. We’re taking steps to resolve that issue.

We want to inspire our customers to create as many sustainable alternatives as possible, connect with innovative brands that are using sustainable alternatives to find ways to disrupt the market in positive ways.

We’re staying at the edge of new technologies that can impact the future in a positive way.

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