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As a developer at Baetes, you will work with modern tools and languages to ensure a great work environment. You will be part in building what we believe will be the future of retail. We have a fast workflow and a dynamic pipeline so we are looking for talents who can take responsibility to find out what needs to be done, and who see the bigger picture outside their own code lines to deliver a great product. We need problem solvers and we need your code to be highly optimized since we are working with heavy files on the browser and yet need very short loading times. We are looking for talent with experience with computer graphics in general and WebGL, openGL and GLSL or building shaders and customising lightnings in particular. Experience in javascript and threeJS is highly merited. We are also looking for backend developers with experience in nodeJS.

3D Artists, photographers

We are looking for talent with a passion for 3D graphics, photogrammetry or digital recreation to create showrooms, and digitally recreate objects. To create the showrooms you need to be comfortable with texturing, modelling and preferably lightning and shading. We need to build the meshes with as low polygon count as possible and as realistic but small sized textures as possible to keep the room easy for the renderer. Experience in Maya, Blender or any other modelling software is a merit but you are free to use any tool you feel comfortable with as long as you can demonstrate good results. We are also looking for 3D artists to process scanned objects. We need the objects to be as realistic looking as possible while still having a low polygon count. Our objects currently have up to 30’000 polygons but we want to get it down as low as possible, preferably around 5000, to increase loading times. Experience in softwares such as ZBrush and Reality Capture is a merit.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used within our platform on different levels. One application is heat-mapping the movements in the showroom and using an AI powered recommendation engine to provide suggestions to where an item should be placed. We are continously looking for new talent and we are open for suggestion and alternative approaches for our uses of AI so hit us up with a general application if you have a great idea.

Project Management

As a project manager at a Baetes tech team, you will ensure that the teams are working towards the correct goals. That will include tracing of customer requirements, managing technical tasks of one or several teams and planning their work. It is important that you are able to really understand the challenges in implementing novel, autonomous transport solutions to solve customer requirements. You will also need to show that you are capable of managing a tech team in an agile fashion.

UX / Visual Designers

Baetes is now looking for a UX / Visual designer to be part of our the marketing team. We are looking for a designer with great visual communication skills that love to learn from colleagues as well as sharing knowledge with them. Most importantly you are passionate about what you do. Working as a UX / visual designer at Baetes includes working with creative design concepts, sketching interfaces to define new ideas, work together with our software engineers to ensure high level of design quality, work to build a consistent UI experience, develop the final look and feel of pages and presentations and create content for social media.


Baetes is growing rapidly and we are always looking for new talent in every field, the most important skill is that you are hungry to learn and to grow and want to be part of something great. Feel free to send a spontaneous application if you feel you are the right one for us!

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